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David Fair spent his whole life surrounded by music. He was born to a musical and songwriting family. It didn’t take long for him to realize the stage was where he felt at home.


David’s Americana/Country roots sound was cultivated in his hometown of Nashville, TN. Audiences from there to cities in the Carolinas, Alabama, Florida and beyond are engaged by his melodic guitar and harmonica chords and outgoing personality. He uses his diverse musical background, powerful vocals and ability to write lyrics about real and raw topics to create a truly exciting experience.

Q- What made you want to be a musician?

A- Watching my father play music gave me that drive to become a musician. My first passion became the drums, and eventually I ended up in various bands singing as well as drumming until I realized singing was my true passion.


Q- Music helps guide folks through some truly difficult times, has music helped guide you in areas of your life?

A- Yes. I’ve always felt like an outcast, especially due to my upbringing. I was raised sort of in a “hippie”/christian community and of course I dealt with a lot of judgment because of it. But I appreciated it in the end because I was able to focus on my music and become the musician and person I am today.


Q- As an artist how have you seen your skills grow and take form to what they are right now? What do you think makes an artist grow?

A- To me personally, great musicians never stop growing. But the advice I would give to an artist would be to embody each and every song and never stop doing what you love because without realizing it, that is how you truly grow. That and of course practice.


Q- What does the term “working hard in silence”

mean to you?

A- I would have to say that means two different things for me.

  1. Practicing and writing music was a very intimate and personal 

experience for me growing up, so I kept it pretty private. It’s one of

my favorite things to do, so it’s something I tend to keep to myself.

  1. Unless asked, I normally try to stay pretty quiet about my

abilities and let the music I perform speak for me. I like

experiencing how my audience reacts to my music.


Q- Are there days where you don’t love what you do, or want the

day off? But you still get up and tackle what you need to tackle?

If so what drives you now?

A- I could honestly say there’s not a day that goes by that I do not

love what I do. Yes, of course I have bad days like everyone else

and sometimes I feel like the day has been so busy that I'm

rushing to the stage. But the stage is my home, it’s where I am

most comfortable and I never need motivation to perform.

It's what I truly love to do.


Q- You are a dreamer, and a very personable funny man- have those always been strong personality traits you’ve had?

A-Yes, I have always been  a dreamer, or should I say a “believer”. I have always been a very humble person but I was always taught to believe in myself and that has helped me achieve many great things in my life. The funny side of me also comes from the way I was raised. My whole family, especially my dad, is one of the funniest people I know.


Q- Do you have any advice you’d give to musicians trying to make it in the world?

A- Don’t quit. You can’t make it alone, it takes a team. And play every show as if it’s your last. Always find out what “making it” means to you and plan out the steps to get there.


Q- Final question…what three words describe you?

  1. Passionate- everything I do; music, friends, hobbies, family, etc, I make sure I am passionate in all of them, and everything else falls into place.

  2. Loving- I truly love people and animals. I grew up very hippie, christian and non-judgmental and I pride myself on how much I truly love everyone.

  3. Talented- Everyone has gifts, it would be a shame to waste mine. I try to use my talent by bringing joy to the people around me.  

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